Maximum Stock Profit
Reverse words in String, isPalindromeString with StringUtils
Documents and Cursor
Restaurant Set | BinaryTrees

Strings length Of LastWord, length Of LongestSubstring, longest Palindrome
Repetitive substrings (with FREQ)
Return all the strings with the Nth longest length
String longestSubsequence | CountVowels Substring | StViva (SCANNER)
Reverse String by Words | SimplifyPath | Valid Parenteses (STACK)
Check if string is complete
Factorial, sumdigits, power, GCD, Dec to Bin
Reverse number, IS Palindrome num, atoi, maxArea
Fibonachi, Continuous subArray sums
Add binary, Roman to Int

Search string in big file, CROP String
Binary gap, count bitmasks

List of programs

Sorting and Comparable
Search Algorithms

Iterate collection
Trie example
Search words with Trie
Map to String

SubArray sums
Remove duplicates from array
Find Common elements in array
Remove from List, Highest power2 divide
Find Missing Number From Series/Array
Find all numbers in range [1, N] that are not present in given Array
Find all the duplicate elements in array

Create object without ‘new’ keyword
Palindrome number and String
TreeMap put operation
Singleton class

Is odd, Coin change, long division Employee worktime ?

Unit tests

REST: Short reference
REST 1: User-Post. @Mapping, Parameters, Validations, custom Exceptions
REST 2: Currency. Consume with Feign proxy
REST 3: HR Goals Consumer HTTPRequest
REST 4: Actors and events hr
28 Spring REST services
28 Spring REST microservices

Kafka Producer Example
Kafka Producer Example 2

Celebrity Problem