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Java Concurrency
Java Streams
Java Data Structures
Spring overview
Spring Boot overview
Spring Security
Spring Monitoring
Spring Data

Core 10 Concurrency
Core 8 Streams
Core 7 Collections
Core 3 interfaces
Core Equals Hash clone
Head Collection
Head Stream

Groovy vs Java
Unit tests
Optional usage
Q & A: assign an int value, Visibility, Checked/Unchecked exceptions, deadlock etc.

Small program examples
List of other programs
Multithreading examples Concurrency
Java Files IO

HashMap vs HashTable
Adv Data structures tutorial
Data Structures tut
MAp tut
Graph Tutorial

SOLID Principles
Design patterns
Microservices Design patterns
Microservices Design Journey

Microservices Deployment strategies
Microservices Test strategies


Decoupling classes
Gradle Maven
Cubectl etc.
How To Write Mobile-first CSS

Spring tutorial

REST Query Language with Spring Data JPA Specifications
Building REST services with Spring
An example of very lightweight RESTful web services in Java - with HTTPServletContext
Build a REST API with Spring and Java Config

Groovy example
Groovy example
jQuery example
jQuery example

SQL example
SQL Joins
28 Spring REST services
28 Spring REST microservices

Kafka Producer Example
Kafka Producer Example 2